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Sendas Altas, or High Trails, was born in 2005 in the sky-high andean metropolis of La Paz, Bolivia. Over the past 13 years we have become a full-service travel services and destination management company providing responsible travel and tourism services throughout the Central Andes,  including Bolivia, southern Peru, Chile from top to bottom as well as northern Argentina and Brasil. Read more

Sendas Altas was most accommodating and helpful in my trip to La Paz, with interesting, non-touristy options and well educated, affable, articulate guides that made the trip so very worthwhile. As much or as little hand-holding as you need, and a great deep-dive into Andean culture . . . . I cannot wait to return!


Peter A.


our region

The Central Andes stretch from mid-Peru in the north to the Atacama Desert in the south, following the Pacific coast and up and over the Andes into the westernmost rainforests of the Amazon. Sendas Altas works throughout the region, sharing with our visitors the incredibly diverse landscapes, ecosystems and cultural groups that  comprise the region and are  adapted to extreme climatic and ecological conditions produced by the 7242 kilometer long Andes range with the Pacific to the west and the vast Amazon basin to the east.


Whether your interests lie in learning about the ancient civilizations that developed along the Peruvian coast and in the highland valleys and plateaus or taking on a challenging trek following the footpaths of the Inca and their predecessors, in the Central Andes there is much to learn and much to do and truly something for everyone. The region is a fascinating blend of highland deserts, tropical rainforests, glaciated mountain ranges and verdant valleys waiting to be explored and experienced. Add to that a history of human activity that spans from the emergence of some of the world’s first agricultural systems to the development of complex civilizations such as those of Tiwanaku, Molle and the Inca to the modern cities of Lima, Cuzco, La Paz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Santiago de Chile and the reasons for visiting multiply.

Thank you so much for an incredibly memorable experience. Our guides were delightful and effortlessly showed us around while sharing their extensive knowledge of the local history, culture, and politics with us. Everything was seamlessly organized!


Travis S.

our adventures

Sendas Altas invites you to join our adventures to South America and experience the rich cultural and natural diversity and history of the Central Andes. Whether you are organizing a once-in-a-lifetime trip for yourself or an outbound tour operator seeking an experienced DMC with strong and proven commitment to providing high-quality, responsible and fairly priced programs for your clients, we can provide the experiences you seek. We are from the region, have explored it extensively and are experts in program design and delivery.


The travel programs highlighted below are just a sampling of the itineraries that we have developed over the years and operare to this day. From classic tours providing a taste of the region to specialized programs for adventure junkies, nature lovers or those seeking to connect with the diverse cultural groups with their rich histories and modern-day realities, we are passionate about sharing the Andes with our guests. Take a look at what we can do and if you need something more, don’t hesitate to ask, we are prepared to provide the perfect experience for you and your guests.



Andean Highlands and Tropical Lowlands of Bolivia

10 days - 9 nights

Canyons and Caves of Toro Toro National Park


3 days - 2 nights

Highlands of Bolivia and the Atacama Desert

Bolivia - Chile

12 days - 11 nights

Highlights of Bolivia

13 days - 12 nights

Andean Food and Farms


12 days - 11nights

Perú - Bolivia - Chile

16 days - 15 nights

Trekking in Apolobamba National Park and the Cordillera Real of Bolivia

9 days - 8 nights

Sendas Altas arranged a seven day Bolivia adventure for my 19-year-old son and me. Everything about our trip with them was really fantastic. They were a pleasure to deal with by email before the trip and during the trip, everything ran like clockwork. They were absolutely dependable, they provided us with a guide and a driver and both were very personable, very professional, and, in general, a great pleasure. We were sorry when we had to leave them. They made us feel like family.


Rick S.




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Sendas Altas designs and operates travel and tourism programs and services in the greater Central Andes region, from central Peru in the north and Tierra del Fuego in the south, we know and love the Andes. We operate the travel programs and services for our Business to Customer Plattform La Paz on Foot.


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